Upcoming Classes


$495 (30 hours of classroom/ 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction/ 6 hours of observation of another student being instructed).  Classes are Monday РThursday.
Please note: You are NOT registered until we receive your $100 deposit. (non refundable)

New Classes: 


Jan 8- Feb 1 7-9pm

March 4-March 28 29 7-9pm

April 29-May 23 7-9pm

June 3- June 27 4-6pm

July 8-August 1 4-6pm

Aug 5-Aug 29 7-9pm

September 30-October 24 7-9pm

November 25-December 19 7-9pm


January 6-January 30 7-9pm

To register for the following classes, please contact our office at 815-901-7831.

Basic Teen: $495

Basic Teen With Road test: $550

Private Teen: $600

Private Teen With Road test: $650

Road test if signing up after registration: $75

The registration fee will be applied toward the total cost of the class

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