Behind The Wheel during COVID-19

New Driver’s Education rules:

  • Instructor and Student must wear protective masks in compliance with IDPH guidelines. Our Instructors will wear a face shield in addition to a mask.
  • 1 Hour Drive per day
  • No observation required or allowed, only one student in the car at a time
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Car will be disinfected in between students
  • A 12 month pilot program will begin that allows our instructor to conduct the behind the wheel test at BLDS instead of at the DMV. Only students that earn an A or B in the classroom will be eligible.

Drive times will be rescheduled based on when the drive was canceled and when the student turns/turned 16.

  • We will start driving again June 2nd, as long as we remain in Phase 3
  • All drive times will start and end at Blue Line Driving School.
  • We are training a new instructor to help keep up with demand.

Thank you for your patience,
Joel French

Blue Line Driving School

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