Who may enroll in your teen driver education course?

Any teenager who is 15 and older OR turns 15 before the end of the four week classroom session may enroll.

What size class can I expect?

The Illinois Secretary of State limits our class size to 35 students. We frequently have full classes, especially during summer months.

Must I start on the first day of class?

It is recommended, but if that is not possible, you can enroll up to and including the third day of class.

What will I need to bring to class?

Blue-Line Driving School supplies the books. Students should bring a pencil or pen and a small notebook. Please bring your student contract that you will receive in a packet in the mail.

When can I obtain my instruction permit?

On the second day of class you will be given an instruction permit application. With this application, you can visit to the Secretary of State to take the written exam and get your instruction permit.

OR If you turn 15 before your driving class, you can visit our office, pay for your class in full, get your instruction permit application and visit the Secretary of State to take the written exam and get your permit.

You will need to have your permit for 9 months before you can get your license. We offer a class a month.

Can I complete my drives at Blue Line if I took driver’s education at my school?

Yes, we need to see your transcripts to show that you passed the classroom portion of driver’s ed at your school and then we can complete your drives. Call for rates and to schedule times.

How many classes can I miss?

The Secretary of State allows four (4) absences before students are automatically dropped from the course. All absences must be made up so that each student receives 30 hours of classroom.

How are missed classes made up?

Absences may be made up by doing homework or attending a class from the next session. While it is recommended that students attend the class missed, it is not required.

What kind of car will I be driving?

2016 BMW 328i

How are Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) lessons scheduled?

BTW lessons are scheduled at the students’ convenience either before class or on weekends. We will work around all extracurricular activities, e.g., sports, dance, etc. Blue-Line Driving School offers free home pick-up unless the students is more than 10 minutes away from the Blue-Line Driving School, otherwise we will meet at BLDS or a designated spot, depending on the daily driving schedule. Once students are paid in full, students may schedule BTW lessons by calling the office at 815-901-7831, Monday – Thursday between 2pm – 4pm.

Is it legal to drive in other states with an Illinois learner’s permit?

You will need to contact the Secretary of State or Department of Motor Vehicles for the state in question. Some states recognize an Illinois learner’s permit, while others do not.

Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

Blue-Line Driving School can enroll 35 students per class and does not want to turn away students who are looking to enroll when space is available. It can be difficult for a student who has been informed the class is full to find another class that meets his or her schedule; it can be difficult for Blue-Line Driving School to fill the opening due to a late cancellation. A non-refundable registration fee reduces the number of late cancellations by requiring a greater commitment to a specific class prior to registering.

How long will it take to complete the Behind-The-Wheel instruction?

The Illinois Secretary of State requires all Behind-The-Wheel instruction to be completed in no less than two weeks and no greater than nine months. Blue-Line Driving School will make every effort to complete the Behind-The-Wheel instruction as soon as possible. PLEASE sign up early for Behind-The-Wheel, it fills up fast!  My drive times are split up into 3 hour drives requiring 2 students. Four drives are required for a total of 12 hours in the car. I try to split up the drives throughout the 9 month time frame and want the final drive to be in the last month before they earn their license.

Behind The Wheel during COVID-19

New Driver’s Education rules:

  • Instructor and Student must wear protective masks in compliance with IDPH guidelines. Our Instructors will wear a face shield in addition to a mask.
  • 1 Hour Drive per day
  • No observation required or allowed, only one student in the car at a time
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Car will be disinfected in between students
  • A 12 month pilot program will begin that allows our instructor to conduct the behind the wheel test at BLDS instead of at the DMV. Only students that earn an A or B in the classroom will be eligible.

Drive times will be rescheduled based on when the drive was canceled and when the student turns/turned 16.

  • We will start driving again June 2nd, as long as we remain in Phase 3
  • All drive times will start and end at Blue Line Driving School.
  • We are training a new instructor to help keep up with demand.

Thank you for your patience,
Joel French

Blue Line Driving School

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